Renewable energy for farming
and commercial sectors






You’ve taken the exciting decision to use a Renewable Energy system and are now looking for a company to complete the installation.

We at TriNRG understand that solar PV is a long-term investment and with that, we believe in giving you the best quality products that will last for decades. That is why we choose to install Photovoltaic panels from REC. REC is an international manufacturer of PV panels, dedicated to empowering homeowners and businesses with clean, affordable power. REC’s combination of product quality, reliability, and commitment to sustainability makes them the ideal brand for your renewable energy investment, on whatever scale you need.

Solar PV

PV Solutions for your farm & business, save you money, save the environment and secure future energy generation. TriNRG offers you industry-leading advice, products, design, and solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Reduce your electricity overheads
  • Use existing roofs to generate revenue
  • Avail of Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) tax incentive for PV
  • Improve your Green rating
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Safeguard against increasing energy costs



Make the most of your farm buildings to generate electricity with a roof mounted Solar system.

Most farms and agricultural businesses have buildings that are suitable for roof mounted solar PV installations. Agricultural buildings typically have a 10-15° roof pitch, which will generate substantial amounts of power even when the roof is not necessarily facing south.



Solar PV for business is one of the best ways to cut your energy costs.

Producing your own electricity will reduce your electricity bill instantly. The average domestic cost in the first half of 2020 was 24.13 cents perkWh. Consider the fact that energy bills are set to double in the next ten years, and you will see how solar panels can save your business from increased energy fees.

At TriNRG we use a state-of-the-artstandaloneweb-based tool for design, quotations, financial analysis, purchasing and the certification process.

What kind of features do we offer?

  • Roof Solar PV layout designs
  • Inverter string configurations
  • DC + AC electrical checks
  • Performance generation with Sunpath shading support
  • Auto generated schematics
  • Financial forecasting with graphical payback periods and export tariff payments
  • Quotation tools offering margin analysis and VAT guidelines
  • Detailed end user handover reports
  • Auto SEAI Home Energy Grant applications

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What we do

TriNRG is a Renewable Energy Company

TriNRG is a Renewable Energy company with25 years’ experience in the production, transmission, conversion, and use of various types of energy sources.

We provide a wide range of energy solutions and services to the Commercial and Farming sectors. Our business model is collaborative and designed to assess your business requirements, reduce your carbon footprint, and minimise your energy costs. We offer a unique on-line facility to estimate your installation costs and provide you with a detailed report to help you make an informed decision.

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How Solar PV Works

Solar Panels

Solar Panels installed on your rooftop absorb the sunlight and convert it to direct current (DC electricity), which is then sent to your solar inverter


Inverters convert the direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC)electricity. DC power is produced from the solar panels and AC power is the power used in your premises.


A solar battery allows you to continue powering your home with renewable solar energy during the evening and at night when the solar panels are unable to generate energy. Solar PV panels convert solar energy into usable electricity and, more often than not, they are producing more electricity than can be used.

PV hot water diverter

A PV hot water diverter takes the excess energy been produced from your PV system and converts this energy to heat your water.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There is a grant available for the purchase and installation of an Electric Vehicle charging point in your home. In order to avail of this €600 grant, you must own an eligible electric vehicle. TriNRG also provide electric vehicle charging stations for business premises, Electric Vehicle charging points can be synchronised with your PV system to maximum energy production and efficiency.”


Fuse Board

The electricity from the inverter goes to the fuse board in your premises and is used throughout your premisesin the same way as electricity from the grid

Energy Meter

The energy meter is used for production, consumption,and import/export monitoring. The meter has high accuracy readings, from a wide selection of current transformers (50A – 1000A) that support residential and commercial installations.



A solar monitoring system can help make you more aware of your PV system’s performance. It offers information about energy consumption and generation, optimising energy usage, and damage to your solar system.